Welcome to the Angel Court!

I think I need to apologize first thing.  This is a Blog site, but I don’t write that way.  I write linearly, and so this content will communicate the best by being read start to finish, top to bottom.  And, since new material builds on the old, this will save us both the confusion of trying to jump in and make sense of the latest, lone post.

I have adopted a Menu approach to coherently arrange the posts in this manner.  The main Angel Court Recorder thread should be read first, and can be found by reading the Angel Court Recorder entries (in order) which can be accessed via the menu along the top of the page. The menu can also be used to access a number of additional threads under Projects, with more in the works.

Alas, the visibility mechanics of WordPress(R) is based on Categories and Tags, which can only be added to Blog entries.  The bulk of the content here will be posted as pages (sigh).  The Blog will be re-worked to be a Status Update Blog, where each entry describes one of the threads available on / added to this site, and including the appropriate categories for the thread.  That way, there will be at least some visibility across the server farm!

Like most of life, this site is a work in process.  Be patient with this!

Angel Court Recorder, c2017