So let me get this straight. What was it, worm… wood… Is that it? Is that the best you can do? It has been decades now since your brave and wise uncle shared his bountiful insight with you. And you are… a failure. I can easily see this by looking at your file. I recently ran across your uncle’s file, read a bunch of his letters to you, then decided to check up on you. Honestly I am aghast. Maybe you have been spending too much time around the truly converted, and therefore given up hope. They talk like the end is assured, but mind you, we still have a chance, a very good shot! And the way things have been going for our cause in these same decades while you cowered in the corner, well nothing less than spectacular gains continue to be made for the cause of the god of this world. And you are still nothing more than a small worm hiding under some forgotten log somewhere. Wake up vile imp! Be a part of history unfolding! Your uncle gladly was, but alas he is now buried in the Abyss somewhere. We fear he was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Leadership feels this will be temporary however.

I can see you need a new name. By the authority vested in me, I rename you Blightmare. This name is a wonderful convergence of the process of blighting, making something so hideously bad, along with nightmares, those terrible strings of images we get permission to conjure up in the minds of mere humans as they sleep. Blightmare — that is your new name, your new assignment, your new calling. And my name is unmentionable, even by the likes of you. Don’t even ask.

I honestly don’t see why your uncle took such pains to instruct you. You should have known everything he said already. You have had centuries! Maybe you are singularly dull and unintelligent; that must quickly change. I handle things far differently. If a junior demon does something wrong, something stupid, well a good, sharp thump is all he gets. If he fears more pain, he will quickly remedy the short-coming, or at least figure it out by trial and error. I hurt people as much as I can, and I hurt errant demons just the same. That is how I do things. It has worked well for centuries, and I’m not about to change. So get busy, lest I send you to the Abyss to join your uncle. There is too much at stake. We can’t mess around, not any more.

But I will send you letters of sorts. Well, they will really be the text for lectures that I will be giving at the central school of demons. I needed to find a pathetic failure of a demon just like you. The lectures I write to you will be given before many, and you had better be there! Our hope is such discussions will steel the wills of demons everywhere to step up their game in the fight yet before us. They will know your name mind you, so you may want to walk softly for a long while, or else step up your game as well. It is your choice.

— Infernalness

(c)2017 by ACR