A copy of the very first Angel Court Recorder post is below. This tells as much about me as is really important!  Well, wait a minute.  There is one more thing maybe you might want to know about me. I believe that Yahweh God absolutely needs to be at the center of my life, the core of every dream or aspiration, the check and watch over everything I say, do, or think, at the top of the list of who I think about (and pray too), and the root and bedrock of every need and want I have in my life. I need to walk, focused on Him, seeking to do… seeking to lovingly please Him, every second of every day until well, forever.  I am convinced that Yahweh God absolutely has to be everything, or He is really nothing, all starry eyed claims aside.  And my careful and continual study of His word makes it clear that this is all he has ever wanted, all he ever wants.  Well, He created us, so he surely deserves this.  And, after sending His own Son do die for us, to rescue us… Well, there is just no other way.  Yahweh God should be everything.  Believing that, living that out, it is very important, He is very important to me. There is a lot of buzz in some circles about how committed we are to serving God.  Talk is cheap.  I want to be the real thing, no matter what.  I think this puts me in a very small minority, not that it matters any.

Yahweh, Hu Elohenu, in Jesus’ name…


Hi, I’m the Angel Court Recorder, or ACR for short.

I don’t think I’m dead, or have died, because I still live in, and experience (a difficult) life on planet Earth. But I seem to have been given access to some pretty amazing information. Well, I think this place is the Angel Court. There are a lot of angels up here. Strangely, my compy still works up here too, so I don’t know. And, well, my goal is to simply share what I see, what I hear, what I know, what I learn, with you, my reader.

I have devoted my life to reading and understanding God’s Word. I would hope you will quickly realize that this is of paramount importance to me. If you are interested in my qualifications, this would be a very important one. But the most important one, is simply this. I have committed my entire life to do what my heavenly Father, the King of the Universe, wants me to do, every second of every day. Simply pleasing Him… Nothing is more important to me.

I do not present these musings as the result of any new revelations from the Angel Court, from the King of the Universe. It is all in the Bible, in black and white, as the saying goes. And, there really is nothing new under the sun! Well, there is the Internet, but that is just a new chapter of the same old story…

Oh, and I love History. I think this will be pretty clear. Like the saying goes, those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. I study history because I would rather learn…

But after all I have studied, I think it is safe to say that understanding what the Bible has to say has never been as important as it is in our time. Maybe a lot of other people have also thought this down through the ages. Time will tell who is right.

You will not find many Bible references in these discussions. I guess I am assuming that you, the reader, do and will spend a lot of time reading the Bible yourself. You should be able to easily trace the thoughts presented. And if your theology, your philosophy (the one you actually live by, which can be very different from the one you profess) does not agree with everyday life, then something is clearly wrong anyway.

While Theology is of crucial importance, this is not a strictly theological work. People that write such tomes are usually employed to do so, even though most have connected with the ‘truth’ to dismally varying degrees. I work hard at a different day job for a living. Maybe this makes me well suited to simply sit up here in the Angel Court, just listen, think and type…

That’s what I do. I’m the Angel Court Recorder.

I thought I was done with this chapter, and got ready to turn my compy off. Then, I just knew… I don’t know if He actually came over to the ledge where I was sitting (which I doubt), or if He just opened up a channel. It didn’t matter. Sensing Him, I looked down and closed my eyes. I wanted to throw myself onto the courtyard floor, but this would ruin my compy, perched in my lap, and probably launch my open Bible off the edge.

“Son, I know why you are here. I called you. But you need to know this… I don’t want you as a person, your name, your identity connected with any of this… I don’t want you to have to suffer the temptation… You will be exposed to some amazing stuff, and I… Only I need to be the focus.” He paused briefly, then said quietly “I’m sure you understand.”

Saying anything at that point was very hard. But I wanted Him to understand… There was, is absolutely no way I would ever, could ever share His glory, this side of heaven, anyway. I got out “I… Why… No…” I could say no more, but I think He easily read me… But I thought this next, slowly… “In Your presence… Punished obscurity is where I belong… I am fine with that…” I couldn’t even think beyond…

Well I think He smiled. “That’s why you are the Angel Court Recorder.”

— ACR, (c)2017