The Bible, Old and New Testaments, so wonderfully complete, so complimentary… It is not Christocentric…

You can’t just peel Christianity out of it’s true context, the works and working of Yahweh God Himself, detailed from Genesis to Revelation. All you need to do is carefully listen to Jesus’ words, Jesus’ teaching. Jesus was God as much as Yahweh was, trinitarian theology is so clearly woven through everything. Jesus did therefore allow Himself to be worshipped, if the situation required. But Jesus went out of His way to reflect glory, honor and praise to his heavenly Father, Yahweh God. Jesus walked on this planet to do what the Father told him to do. Jesus had no concern for his own glory, seeking instead to glorify the Father. And, Jesus one day will yield everything… EVERYTHING back to Yahweh God. Any effort to rip Christianity away from Yahweh God, Jesus’ heavenly Father, will surely fail, and mark the heresy that it is.

The Bible is Theocentric, and Jesus’ own teachings deeply underscore this.

The apostle John makes this clear. If you don’t know the Father, you can’t know the Son. If you don’t have the Son, you don’t have the Father.

Yahweh, HE is God, in Messiah Jesus’ precious name… Amen!

c2018 by ACR



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