The demons up here in the Angel Court are fun, almost funny to watch. I can’t laugh at them or they will have an excuse to come over and… But they are always getting angry, pushing, punching each other, never a kind word… actually leering at each other, guarded, fearing the next attack, or plotting their own… Squabbles, fights, brawls… are not uncommon among satan’s ranks, that is clear. The good angels… smile, back away, always working calmly together to do the King’s bidding…

The previous post (Salvation Is Surrender) tries to demonstrate the most tumultuous transformation that should take place in the heart and life of God’s child, those having their sins washed away by the blood of Messiah Jesus. Our rebel selves required Salvation, our rebel selves were the reason for Salvation, our rebel selves absolutely NEED TO GO, deliberately opposed by us at every turn. We absolutely have to, we absolutely must put Yahweh God first, in Jesus’ precious name! This is not negotiable. He is already Lord and King, we need to choose, act like He is our Lord and our King!

Another tumultuous transformation should quickly follow, assuming we increasingly put the flesh away, and we surrender to our King.

“And they will know we are Christians by our love…”

You should go back and read the Agapao Watermark post. The backbone of this Agapao love is: putting others ahead of ourselves, putting others first. According to the verse above, THIS is the mark of a true Christian… THIS should make our daily lives absolutely sweet to the people around us… THIS should make the Church of the blood-washed an absolutely irresistable place with people lined up, peering in the windows wanting just a little peek even…

A self-centered Christian is (should be) an oxymoron… Assuming we have surrendered to Yahweh God in Jesus’ name, surrendering our lives to serve the people around us should be “small potatoes”; such is (should be) a natural follow-on to a transformed heart, bent on serving Yahweh God Himself, any way we can. A number of New Testament verses specifically call for this, putting others first, well ahead of ourselves. After making Yahweh God our King, spending our lives putting each other first should naturally flow… and will make our churches amazing places…

Most of us have experienced friends like this. Their only goal seems to be to do anything, say anything that will help us, encourage us. We absolutely delight in being around such “true friends” like this! There is no pretense, no ulterior motive; we clearly sense and know that! They just want to give, exactly what we need, and being around them is so amazing… This true friendship should absolutely explode out of the life of a follower of Yahweh God in Jesus Name!

Salvation does Agapao Love…

Have our lives been transformed by Yahweh God’s amazing love? Can the people around us daily, clearly see that love in and through us? If not, something is seriously wrong!

— ACR, c2018



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