As I have mentioned before, sitting up here in the continual dusk of the Angel Court that is neither completely bright nor frightfully dark, there are very clearly only two types of angels up here, good and bad, purist gleaming or hideously shadowed…

Since the dawn of creation, mankind has always been faced with a decision. Yahweh God, our heavenly Father, He initially created everything, and He now constantly sustains everything. He holds together every atom in your body! And it was, is generally clear what Yahweh God expects, more-so as He increasingly spelled that out. But every person who has ever lived on this planet has faced the same choice. Is Yahweh God who He says He is, or not? Put more buntly, should I surrender to Him, or go my own way? Yahweh God, our precious heavenly Father, the only Creator, the diligent Sustainer, the absolute KING of all… Should I surrender to Him as the King He is, or should I do my own thing?

The concept of sin makes this much more clear; maybe Yahweh God realized we would need help understanding this. Through various words, sin is rebellion against what Yahweh God has said, rebellion against what He wants, what He expects. Did you get that? Sin is ultimately and wholly rebellion against Yahweh God Himself. And this “sin” thing is such an affront to the KING of the universe, that nothing less than the death of His own Son can ever supply the perfect sacrifice which alone can atone for our rebellion…

And all through history, people on this planet have felt quite adept at finding a middle ground — doing some of what Yahweh God wants, but from a heart still kept, ruled, by our own rebel selves. Doing some of the prescribed right things, we feel confident we are ok, and others seem to approve as well, so… Such a foolish sharade; Yahweh God easily sees a rebel heart no matter what “good deeds” we try to cloak it with… And wow, for us to even try to cry out to Yahweh God, pray for His help, all the while thinking we can conceal a heart clearly our own, preserving the self at every turn, intent on doing what we want…

Sin is rebellion against Yahweh God.

Salvation is surrender to Him, through trusting, resting on His perfect sacrifice Son, Messiah Jesus… It was His blood…

You would think that, after Messiah Jesus died for our sins, was raised again… this would, should all fall into place! The water is still very murky here… So many think they can “believe in Jesus” and attain eternal life, all the while hiding (or not hiding) a clearly rebel, self-focused heart, life… The Prophets, the New Testament writers pulled out their hair at this… You absolutely cannot claim to have surrendered to Yahweh God, and then go and live life as you please, as you did! The main issue behind salvation is Kingship… And to invoke a perfect sacrifice that alone can atone for our rebellion, and then quickly jump back into our rebellion… That is… horrifying!

Salvation is Surrender…

And the very first and continuous change that should take place in the heart and life of a true believer in Jesus is utter and complete surrender, wholly yielding their life to… Yahweh God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, in Jesus’ precious name! The flesh, the self should be rapidly and increasingly seen as absolutely contrary to everything Yahweh God, His Son Jesus wants to accomplish in and through us. The flesh, the self, what I want, this should be bitterly opposed by us, more and more layed down at every turn.  This isn’t rocket science!  The flesh, the rebel self, self rule, this is the very reason Salvation was even necessary to begin with, both theologically and personally!

Salvation is Surrender… not just ‘once for all’, but continuously, increasingly, completely, practically…

Do you honestly think Yahweh God is worthy of anything less?

Do you honestly think Yahweh God can’t easily see what we try to hide?

If your understanding of salvation allows for you to do your own thing, go your own way, letting the self thrive inside… something is alarmingly, horribly wrong somewhere!

— ACR, c2018



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