When I first began to come up here to the Angel Court, well I was new up here, this place was all so new to me. And it did take a while to get over the shock of actually seeing demons walking around up here. Demons all uniformly scowled at me, sneered, or some other menacing gesture. They clearly didn’t like me, didn’t like me up here. But the angels, well the good angels, they always seemed to look at me with such love and compassion. And when I became more comfortable up here, I asked one of them why. “You… Your kind, well, you really are the capstone, the very high point of the entire creation. You need to know Yahweh God loves you all so very much.” This made me cry. I love Yahweh God… supremely, too.

After describing Yahweh God speaking the known world into existence, the creation account next deals with two specific ‘developmental’ aspects; the creation of the woman (next chapter), and the advent of Sin (here). Still, Adam and Eve were living in the perfectly warm garden of Eden, just together and alone, in beautiful surroundings with plenty to eat. What could possibly go wrong?

Moses records the “fall” of Adam’s race in Genesis 3. Regardless of the chain of events leading up to it, at one point in time, the first man Adam chose to intentionally act in defiance of what Yahweh God said. We could mention that the most beautiful woman in the world enticed him. We could also reflect that the lying destroying evil one (satan, as a serpent) enticed (blatantly lied to) Eve to entice him. And satan’s interaction with Eve may surface the fact that Adam may not have clearly communicated Yahweh God’s prohibition to her. And we could even add that Yahweh God had only imposed a paltry few prohibitions (one) at that point, but beyond that, He allowed Adam and Eve to live as they chose. And we should also point out that there may have been yearnings for the forbidden fruit in Adam’s heart that contributed to Adam’s decision, Adam’s choice.

To intentionally act in defiance of what Yahweh God said, the Bible calls that “sin” and this english word, a translation of a few words in both Greek and Hebrew, is as good as any other. The word “sin” is just a handle for the underlying characteristics which need to be carefully understood.

a. Sin is always intentional. If we accidentally did something wrong because we just didn’t know, well, that is something different. We did wrong, so we need to make reparations (apologies and/or repayment) for our mistake. And pretending to not know doesn’t work for this; our hearts can be very devious. When the Bible deals with sin, it does so from Yahweh God’s perspective, and He sees everything, even the contrivences of our heart, even if we succeed in fooling those around us. Sin is no mistake. It is intentional, from our insides, and Yahweh Good sees that. It is interesting to note that the Law that Yahweh God gave to Israel deals mostly with accidental sin. Intentional sin, called “sin with a high hand” in one place, that is handled far differently. Under the Law, intentional sin is a vastly different issue. Only Yahweh God, directly through the Priest could forgive such a sin. More often, the punishment for such a sin is left up to Yahweh God using chilling phrases like “will be cut off” or something similar. At its core, sin is defiance. Sin is intentional disobedience. Sin is rebellion.

b. Sin is always going against what Yahweh God has said. Like I mentioned above, Adam and Eve faced only one thing they were told not to do. Yahweh God was very clear to Adam about this.

“And the Lord God (Yahweh God) commanded the man saying ‘From any tree of the garden you may eat freely, but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it, you shall surely die.’ ” (Genesis 2:16, 17)

Yahweh God told Adam the one tree whose fruit Adam must not eat. Then Yahweh God told Adam why he shouldn’t do that. When Adam chose to sin, Adam defied what Yahweh God had told him, and ignored what Yahweh God said would happen in the process. Yahweh God gave Adam one commandment, one consequence. Adam ignored what Yahweh God had said when he chose to eat. Squashing a yucky bug… picking petals off a flower is not a sin because Yahweh God has never addressed that, directly or indirectly. Murder certainly is sin (except in the case of just war) because Yahweh God has addressed that! And Messiah Jesus correctly surfaced the source of murder as in our thoughts. Sin is always rebellion against what Yahweh God has clearly “said”. Wow, we now have a whole Bible, 66 books full of what Yahweh God has said, 66 books so clearly revealing Him and what He wants, and what we should, shouldn’t do… Interestingly, when Adam sinned, at that very point, Adam did NOT need to have the knowledge of good and evil. All Adam needed to know was what Yahweh God had told him; that was all that mattered.

c. At it’s root, sin is a denial of Yahweh God’s ownership, His very right to say “Don’t do this”. Yahweh God spoke the universe into existance — out of nothing! Yahweh God planted the Garden of Eden. Yahweh God formed Adam from the dust, and Yahweh God put breath, life into Adam. Yahweh God crafted Adam’s rib into the most beautiful Woman. Everything around Adam belonged to Yahweh God, lovingly created, beautifully crafted for Adam by Yahweh God Himself. Even Adam’s body, every single atom in Adam’s body, was lovingly held together by Yahweh God’s continuous activity. Yahweh God owned Adam and everything around him. Yahweh God had every right to tell Adam… When Adam sinned, Adam denied Yahweh God’s ownership of him…

The first man Adam intentionally disobeyed what Yahweh God told him. That one act impacted Adam and Eve’s relationship with Yahweh God, and certainly deeply grieved His father’s heart. Adam and Eve intentionally alienated themselves from Him by what they chose. That one act also instantly marred Adam’s whole being (Eve’s too), and that “marring”, that propensity towards rebellion was, continues to be passed down from parents to children; it is now a part of our nature, a part of the nature of every person on this planet. We are naturally alienated from Yahweh God, and seem to gravitate towards doing what we want, whatever we choose…

The perfect solution for sin was millennia away. So Yahweh God took animal’s lives, and made clothing for Adam and Eve, to cover their shame; they both knew they were naked now. (And by the way, they forever lost that amazing garden, their first home.) And Israel’s whole sacrificial system, instituted by Yahweh God Himself, revolved around the death of a substitute (animals typically) in order to at least cover for sin. And that perfect solution… it was Yahweh God’s own Son, Messiah Jesus, the spotless Lamb of God, beaten three times, bloodied beyond recognition, hanging on that cross… dying… for us… for our sin…

All this should communicate that sin is very serious, and our sin, our rebellion against Yahweh God, STILL the Owner and Sustainer of every single atom in the universe, absolutely must be dealt with. Believing that our Messiah Savior Jesus died in our place, to pay for our sin, to bring us back to Yahweh God, this is the only possible first step. And, surrendering our lives wholly and completely to Him, doing only what He wants, that is the only reasonable response (Rom 12:1) to both the horribleness of sin and to the amazing grace of Yahweh God in Jesus… Sin continues to leave such a horrible mark… We should not ever forget that. Paul, pulling his hair out, tried frantically to get people to realize this… Sin is rebellion against Yahweh God, and His Son Jesus… How in the world can we accept Salvation from our sins through Jesus’ precious “perfect sacrifice” blood, and then continue to sin? Wallowing in the word Grace does NOT change what sin is and how we need respond to it… by giving Yahweh God everything, in Jesus’ precious name.


The ‘fall’ of adam, and so all humanity, from full, loving obedience to Yahweh God is covered briefly above. And the focus there is on the direct activities of Adam and Eve that led to the entire human race needing to be saved, rescued, brought back to Yahweh God through Messiah Jesus, one Adam, one Eve at a time. And it is clear now that our Messiah Jesus’ sacrificial death provided the only grounds for just that. But Adam’s fall was not the first event, and satan’s primary role in the fall of the first two people, tempting then blatantly lying, this pre-existent tragedy is what led up to that fateful day for all humanity.

According to the Bible, prior to his fall, satan was an enormously important, even beautiful angel with great responsibility, maybe even above all other angels. But his point of testing came, and he fell from such obedient beauty, into the epitome of ugly wickedness, seething anger and rage at anything, everything associated with Yahweh God. And this father of lies, along with hundreds of thousands of demons, is still seething, playing his deceitful cards, concealing his true agenda, ruining, desecrating one person at a time here on this planet.

But what precipitated satan’s fall? Understanding this pre-existent event may only be secondary, and the Bible says little, other than describing this (then) arch-angel’s hideous pride. But why did this amazing angel turn on and from the very One who created him, and gave him everything that he was? Beyond the scarce information in the Bible, all we have is conjecture. But other unsettling events which are recorded in the Bible might give us a clue. The book of Genesis records a brief account where the sons of God ‘cohabitated’ with the daughters of men, and offspring variously called ‘giants’ and ‘great ones’ (sons of Anak for example) were the result. These offspring all raged against Yahweh God; the fruits of such unions were ultimately destroyed by Yahweh God’s direction, and the angels involved were banished from Earth’s presence forever (probably to Tartarus), harshly judged for their rebellion. It also seems that, all down through Adam’s history, there is one thing that has been singularly, brutally, viciously attacked, battered in it’s every single instance… marriage… In it’s place, satan has pushed adultery, freely taken sex (nothing new under the sun), temple prostitution and beyond, even clothing choices and options, trying to destroy the marriage relationship from the outside. Besides, self-centered, the average married man and woman will have difficulty even getting along, and satan has banked on this, worked with this to destroy most marriages from the inside out. And this furious trail of wreckage culminates in the ‘wine of the anger of her fornication’ that characterizes the singularly greatest ‘for a price’ object available in commercial Babylon (whose destruction is spoken of in the book of Revelation) — an evening with a (by then very scarce) beautiful young girl… for a great price… This is how satan will celebrate the destruction of marriage in his earthly kingdom… Wow, it seems like satan is pre-occupied or something…

In my humble opinion… what precipitated satan’s shift, from loving obedience to defiant rebellion and fall, and many other angels with him… what perhaps explains the virulence of satan’s seething against Yahweh God… was… the creation of the first woman, Eve…

c2017 by ACR



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