You know, I just am not sure how to ask this. Well, ok, for me… We start the day praying this: “Oh Yahweh our God, all that matters is what You want, all that matters is what your word says, all that matters is what You do. This is our foundation for today.” This is quickly followed by “Together we plead with You, that together we would please You today, every step, every breath, in Jesus’ precious name, amen.”

Well, I understand that real Christianity is not real popular today, and not very well liked, either. And I guess there are a number of ways… Well, it is just easy to adjust… things… Exactly what is required in order to look like a Christian around other Christians, that seems well known. And you don’t need an exceptionally deep committment to do this, to seem like this, either. It is fairly easy to say some of the right things, do some of the right things, maybe assume a few of the right attitudes, at important times, I guess, and everyone around you, at important places, will just think you are…

And I know that, well Salvation, it all seems rather tenuously understood at times. Anyone can say they “believe in Jesus”, and that is all that is necessary, and they have joined the club, and can, I guess, go about their business, as long as they add certain things, various activities to whatever they are already doing…

But, for me, all this misses the whole point… From what the Bible teaches, Yahweh God constantly exerts His mighty power to hold every single, and I mean every single atom, HE holds each one together, from blasting to pieces, taking me with it. So, in my body, there are a bunch of atoms, molecules, cells, that He constantly holds together. Not only that, but every atom in everyone, everything else around me, He holds all that together, too. So Yahweh God is the unseen, mighty power that holds everything in this room, this world, this universe together. Isn’t, doesn’t that make Him a little more important than just a nod or a wave at key times, certain places through our week?

And Yahweh God, He sent His one and only Son, our Messiah Savior Jesus, to die in our place, to die in my place. His sacrifice alone can pay the price for my wickedness, my unaided rebellion, stamped upon my insides since Adam. I was alienated from Yahweh God, unable to change anything… He stepped in, He gave the most precious of gifts, the only gift alone that could save me… Yahweh God did for me what I could never accomplish, earn or work for… Maybe I didn’t even want it at the time… Yahweh God, it was Him… He stepped in, stepped down, and rescued me, doomed to drown that I was… How could I not want to, every second of every day, how should I not absolutely want to give Him… everything… in Jesus’ precious name?

I think there were those (few?) in the Old Testament that understood so much of this, and committed to giving Yahweh God everything. But, especially after He sent “the anointed of Yahweh”, our Messiah, His precious Son, to rescue anyone on this planet, “whosoever wills”…

After all of this and more… Well, for me there are few questions left for me to ask, except… “Oh Yahweh our God, how can I please you, right now, today, from this very second, all the way across the multiple Aionas, Holamim of forever?”

Servants of the Most High… Humble slaves of Yahweh God in Jesus’ name… Where are they?

c2017 by ACR




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