Yeah, I am a cameraman for a local news station. I’m the guy… I hold the camera, and hopefully point it at the right person, thing, etc. And just maybe, if the mic on the camera is any good, and the person is close, what that person is saying; everyone will be able to hear that, too. I would say that, in the last 10 years, the quality, the versatility of the optics in portable broadcast camera systems has improved nicely. The audio path, not so much. I had actually ordered a hand-held, very narrow angle microphone, and was testing it out that day. I had to actually hold it with one hand, and that made operating the camera a little awkward, but I really wanted a better mic that the ones on our cameras. The announcers don’t mind holding their own mic, but if they need to review papers, or if we need to capture someone else… This mic, well the technical description sounded amazing. It started with an audio transducer with a huge dynamic range. And it had a long compartmented thing on the front, sort of like a silencer working backwards. And then, there was a DSP inside that performed a wide range of signal cancellation, peripheral cancellation and wind noise cancellation tasks, all adjustable from a few small knobs. Well, I had tested this amazing new mic during my lunch yesterday, and… I could hear a cricket climb a wall from 30 feet away. I was impressed. The next day was a Wednesday, usually a quiet day in the news world, in our small town, anyway, so I decided I would give this new mic a try.

Well, it wasn’t a quiet Wednesday. A huge crowd showed up at city hall at around lunch time. The announcer lady and I were sent over immediately. Wow, they were loud, and there were a lot of them… Well they weren’t selling cookies or giving out badges. Beyond that I couldn’t really tell. They were all angry, all yelling loudly, all mad… That could have been any number of groups in the news these days. You couldn’t tell what the group was by what they were yelling. It didn’t really matter who they were, which brand… Actually, they were venting, not even trying to communicate, not even hoping to enter into dialog or interact… So here I was, trying to test out this new highly sensitive mic, surrounded by… And when the people in this group saw us “news people”, they all converged quickly on us with their anger, their yelling… It was almost deafening…

“No, the lady with the pink hair…” the announcer lady scolded me…

“Ok” I said as calmly as I could. I really tried to do what she wanted me to do, capture the right image, the right person… Well, they were all hopping mad, yelling stuff… Some if it… Well, I am a Christian, not that I wear that like a chip on my shoulder. But much of what they said was extremely offensive to me. I might have used the word blasphemous, but we can’t use accurate words like that in news anymore. And I well know that just Christians, Christianity is fair game in anyone’s book any more. I didn’t say anything. I tried to be a good cameraman, ignore everything, and just point the camera on the person the announcer lady wanted. And I guess this was big news, so the producer from the station was soon yelling at me too… I tried to do my job as best as I could. But that amazing new mic… Well, the hand holding that mic was soon limply hanging down to the side… “Didn’t need a mic for this…” I thought to myself. And I did hope there were police around somewhere near, just in case…

But I was standing next to some sort of rock garden. Well, it is dry here, and rocks seem a pretty good bet for decorating dirt and such. That spiffy new mic was pointed down, the end of the input aperture not even a foot away from a maybe 7″ smooth boulder, with a bunch of smaller ones nearby. I heard it, slowly, over and over. I thought at first it was a chant, coming from the back of this raging crowd. I tried to block everything out, and just listen to what that mic was picking up. I put my headphones back on; I wanted to hear just the audio feed from the mic, not the angry mob screaming around me. These headphones are top notch and toned out most of the mob… I realized… wow… this rock… I even brought the mic up, turned the gain knob to max, then pointed it back down at that rock. It took me a while to place, to understand what I was hearing…

“Fear Yahweh God and give glory to HIM!”

c2017 by ACR




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