Yes… That day, I was sitting up in the Angel Court, reading my Bible. Then, I don’t know why or how… I smiled, and looked out across this strange place… “I will be up here for good someday!” I smiled for a while…

Well, ok. You need to believe that Yahweh God’s Son, Messiah Jesus, He died for your sins. Yes, you need to choose to believe this, and have already become destined for eternity with Yahweh God as a result. Once you have taken this amazing step, the question is no longer where you will spend eternity, it is how you get there! That is what this discussion is about.

Well, I need to add this, too. No matter what horrible disease you might have (there are many), Yahweh God can heal it, heal that, heal you. That is not even an issue. Our God works miracles! Whether or not that is His plan… Well, only He can decide that. He can heal you, or He can bring you to Himself and millions of other believers with Him! If His plan is to bring you home, this post is for you.

And the background for these thoughts can be found in:

— Devotion (Yahweh God’s role in the known universe)

— Pie in the Sky (What Heaven will be like)

You might want to go back and review these two posts first.

So, what did the Apostle Paul write?

“Oh death, where is your sting?”

So here is the deal…

Part one is surrendering completely to Yahweh God in Jesus’ name. You need to be increasingly deposing that rebel self, the flesh, and intentionally living for Yahweh God, poring over His word so you can do His will and desires, along with loving, serving the people around you as a result. Loving devotion, walking every step, in step, with what Yahweh God wants… that is the goal for this part. And, once that happens, we won’t care whether we are here or there; we will walk with, yearn to so completely please Yahweh God in either place!

Part two is paying heed to what the Bible has to say about what heaven will be like, is like. From Genesis to Revelation, we see a veritable Tsunami of information describing where believers will spend… …forever! …together! …with Yahweh God! We absolutely need to get a firm, increasingly more detailed view of our destiny, and the Bible is the place to look! Pie in the Sky paints a pretty clear picture, but there is much more to be gleaned!

With these two things growing ever more prominant in our thoughts, our thinking…

Death becomes simply a change in location, a change in surroundings… There may be pain when we die, but beyond that… Death is simply stepping into a much better place that we already know a lot about, and where we will still lovingly seek to please Yahweh our God!

— ACR, c2017



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