I was just sitting on that low wall in the Angel Court, reading my Bible (Acts), minding my own business… It hit me…

Ok, so the book of Genesis paints a clear picture. At some point in the recent past, maybe between 8,000 and 10,000 years ago, Yahweh God made this planet, our solar system, the entire known universe, all at the same time, at a functionally mature stage, just like He made Adam and Eve. And that included the millions of stars around us, all varying wonderfully from each other, which might suggest some sort of progression. And that included accurately placing all the photons in a careful stream originating from Alpha Centauri, and from every other radiation source in our universe that we can see and detect. Yahweh God, by His mighty power, carefully and quickly spoke the entire known universe into motion, with all its Quarks and amazing grandeur, where there was absolutely nothing previously. And He did all that in just 6 solar days, just like He said.

Not only that, but Yahweh God saw fit to build all this out of atoms with nuclei, each of which should catastrophically explode in millions of directions, except that He holds each and every atom together by the constant exertion of His mighty power. And the unendingly small chain of particles postulated to explain all this just makes Him laugh. Yahweh God holds every single atom, in our bodies, in the world around us, in the entire known universe, He holds everything together, in such a way that the laws of nature that we discover are repeatable and consistant. However, the alteration or abridgement of any of these laws temporarily to perform miracles is absolutely child’s play to the King of the Universe, who Himself, constantly holds everything together in the first place. Not only did Yahweh God speak all this into existance, He continuously holds all this in existance, second after second, day after day, millenia after millenia…

“For in Him we live and move and exist…”

After creating the Universe, creating our planet, and creating Adam and Eve, men and women began to live, to enjoy living, to multiply on this planet. Some people began to call on the name of Yahweh. Soon after, Yahweh God became Abraham’s friend, and chose Abraham’s descendents (Israel) to represent Him, to be His people. And after the promised Anointed of Yahweh, Messiah Jesus came, and died in our place, for our sin, every person on this planet who believes this can now approach Yahweh God, can now know and enjoy a relationship with Yahweh God, the Creator and Sustainer of heaven and earth, now the Saviour of all mankind.

But Yahweh God doesn’t force Himself on us. Here on this planet, we can refuse Him, refuse everything he stands for and wants, until we finally die, and only then find ourselves in the lake of fire such a rejection is due. Of course heaven awaits those who choose to follow Yahweh God, that much is clear too. But there are much more basic questions to answer here.

Yahweh God made everything around us, everything used to build and feed our bodies. The atoms inside our bodies; He made them! As such, Yahweh God really owns us. Yahweh God really does have every right to tell us how to live, what we should do, what He wants us to do. Of course, we need to remark that God’s directives are for our ultimate best. In other words, a lot of what Yahweh God wants is for our good; He knows that! Still… We should absolutely want to do whatever He tells us…

Yahweh God constantly holds every fission explosion atom in our bodies together, every last one… Not only that, but he holds together every atom in the stuff and things around us, including other people, too. We absolutely, desperately need Him…

And there is simply no way we could ever deserve for Yahweh God to send His own son to die for us, to rescue us from our own rebellion against Him. Yahweh God, by His grace alone rescues us; we don’t, can’t ever deserve it at all. Yahweh God offers each of us the greatest gift in the universe, backed up by an eternity that amazingly matches that gift. Overflowing gratitude should absolutely overwhelm our hearts from this realization…

Giving Him everything… That is the only reasonable response, the only ‘logicane latreian’ (Rom. 12:1) to the mind-numbing power and greatness, the ocean-deep love and grace of Yahweh our God!

I pray this often, meaning every word… Oh, Yahweh our God… All that matters is what you want. All that matters is what your word says. All that matters is what you do. Oh, Yahweh God, I plead with you, that I would please you, every second of today, every day, now… for… ever… In Jesus’ precious name, Amen!

— ACR, c2017




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