The creation of the known universe out of nothing is described in the opening chapters of Genesis. And it is clear that, when Moses uses the word ‘day’, he is referring to a 24 solar hour period. For this and other reasons, many have tried to assert that these simple verses could not possibly have meant what they indeed say. Well, if the King of the Universe can make anything across the limitless reaches of light-years that make up the known universe, then He can most surely hold in abeyance, any aspects of astro-physical law as He wishes to, for a 24 solar hour period easily. And, since I nor anyone else now on this planet, was actually there when all this happened, I think it is best to accept the text as it stands.

Various ‘realms’ of the creation are discussed; the solar system, the atmospheric heavens, the animal inhabitants of the earth, sea and sky… But the capstone of the entire creation account is clearly the creation of the first human himself, the man Adam. And the creation of Adam sets the ‘prototype’ for the rest of the creation account. Adam’s creation, out of dust, with God breathing life into him, resulted in the first know human. He was a male. He was an adult. Looking at the generations following Adam’s creation, the approximate average age when men began to have kids was maybe 30-60 years old. It is likely then, that Adam was created as an adult male, maybe 25 to 30 years old. He could have been 18, or 40, this doesn’t matter.

This is the prototype. God created Adam as a ‘mature’ male. The creation account does not need to deal with fertiliztion, the fetus, the tantrums of a two-year old, or adolescence. God formed Adam as a roughly 30 year old mature male.

This is the prototype for the rest of the creation account.

The earth was created mature, already seeming xxx number of years old; the actual age is irrelevent too. It had seas, heavens, stable land masses, could support vegetation, etc. The creation account does not need to describe anything about whatever previous development the earth appears to have had, and so this aspect is skipped entirely. It doesn’t even matter.

And even though there is absolutely no direct evidence for the evolution of species, this argument is likewise moot. God created the earth and it’s inhabitants, birds, plants, fish, etc., at the apparent mature stage, and previous development is irrelevent, and largely (meaningless) conjecture anyway.

We should accept the mature creation of the known universe in the same light. Modern astro-physical discoveries may suggest what development the universe could have gone through, and the current state of the universe may or may not ultimately back these theories up. But these discussions are all moot; the known universe and all it contains were created, out of nothing, just like Adam was; all at the same time, and mature. And, according to the account God gave us, this all happened in six, 24 solar hour days.

If the King of the Universe is who He says He is, then He can easily do what the opening chapters of Genesis says He did. He created a mature man, put him on a mature earth, in our mature solar system, flying through a galazy in the middle of a mature universe. Adam would not have lived very long if it were otherwise…

Funny thing, the Angels I have talked to up here, look at me like I’m stupid when I asked them how the universe developed. And when I tell them some people on earth talk about millions of years, most laugh and walk off. Well, one Angel told me it will be ‘over’ long before a million years. I think I know what he meant. I have never asked any demons that question though. They just lie. That’s why I need to be careful who I ask what up here. I’m the Angel Court Recorder.

— ACR, c2017




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