The Angel Court is a huge flat place, alternating tiles of white and black marble. It stretches on as far as I can see. There is no sky, but grey light, perpetual not quite dusk is the only light I see. But I am generally placed in the same area, along one of the edges. There is a raised but low wall along the edge of the court, near me, anyway. That raised fence, really, is maybe 2 or 3 feet high, but easily 6 feet in width. I can see absolutely nothing beyond the edge, and have no curiosity about that. I don’t think the angels need that low wall, for safety reasons anyway. They come and go at will, and often just float together over that small fence and are gone. I don’t think I would survive attempting that. But sitting up on that low wall, with my compy in my lap, Bible open on the wall, that seems to work out well for me, when I am here, watching, thinking, recording.

I knew what I wanted to record this time. After I had my compy turned on and a new file ready, I was just sitting there, thinking. Lost in thought, I gazed out across the Angel Court, filled with both… well, this place is usually busy. I am glad I am near the edge. I looked down at my compy briefly, still lost in thought. The Angel Court shuddered harshly, and my compy almost fell from my lap. After catching it, of course, I looked up, and immediately saw why. A huge, very dark red dragon had landed in the midst of the Angel Court, not too far from me. Aside from being about as dark red as he could be, and still be red, his dragon body, was… disgustingly ugly. His scales were not smooth, but rough, and randomly wrinkled. And his head, well it looked like a hodge-podge of all sorts of different shapes. His wings were even different from each other. Well, he looked so… Nothing matched, nothing balanced out, nothing looked… ok, even. It didn’t take me very long to make all these observations. I knew immediately who he was. I looked quickly back down to my keyboard and hoped he wouldn’t notice me.

His buddies gathered around, well, more fawned after him, I heard that. Better angels backed quickly away, and just stood there, weapons drawn, steeled for whatever. But even I knew his time was not yet. The way all the angels acted, this probably happened fairly regularly. Still, I was hoping he would ignore me. I was pretty sure I was small potatoes… Maybe ten seconds later, I glanced briefly up, without raising my head. He was staring right at me. One of his huge eyes was red, the other, black… More importantly, his eyes were filled with hate… anger… rage… He was malevolence personified… Well, he was not ignoring me. In fact, still looking directly at me, he turned and began slowly walking, well stomping directly over to me. The court shook with each step. The angels that knew better just cleared out of his way, and opened a path… directly towards me… Did I say he was huge? My eyes were probably at the level of one of his huge front paws…

As he drew closer, of course I was scared to death. But I quickly realized… I had absolutely no resources for any sort of confrontation with this arch-demon. So, I stopped and told my Father that. The rest was out of my hands.

When satan stopped, his front paws (one from a bear, the other a lion maybe) were maybe 50 feet away from me, which still put his hideously ugly dragon head far above me. Of course, he looked down at me with the most dreadful disdain. I could now see the smoke of the raging inferno he carried, drift slowly out of his huge nostrils. I set my computer down on the wall. Then I looked up, if only to see what he would do, or say, or whatever… He opened his mouth wide, and brought his head, his opening mouth, his teeth… This scary maw came quickly down. Well, I was sure that was it. But something stopped him, maybe only feet from my head, and he roared out, in pain I think. But he picked his head up again. I think that meant we would not fight, but maybe have a discussion. And only my Father could stop him like that… I just put my head down, and looked at the Angel Court floor. I would answer him as best as I knew how, but this was clearly not my contest. I had to be mindful whose side I was on at every turn. Well, every word that left his mouth shouted, really seethed anger at me.

“YOU ARE POND SCUM” he said loudly and viciously.

Pausing briefly, I replied quietly, and without even looking up “It is as you say.”

I think this infuriated him. He reared back on his hind legs and let out the most hideous roar, then shook the Angel Court again as his front paws landed. Those angels that had already gathered around us instantly backed away considerably, even demons. Sneering deeply at the start of this sentence, he yelled “YOUR PRECIOUS HEAVENLY FATHER… HE HAS LIED TO YOU SO MANY TIMES!”

Again, I waited briefly, then answered him quietly, also without even looking up. “How can that be, since you are the father of lies?” I don’t think this calmed him down. But I had spoken the truth. That was really all that mattered, whatever he did to me.

Now he even sounded furious… “BOY YOU PICKED THE WRONG TEAM… I LOOK FORWARD TO RIPPING YOUR SCRAWNY BODY APART SOME DAY, ONE CLAW-FULL AT A TIME… He turned quickly, shouted again “…SOME DAY…” and stomped off. Then he unfurled his huge, misshapen wings, and was quickly gone.

I waited until I could no longer hear him… Well, I really was scared, and had to calm down some too, catch my breath. I knew what to record anyway. And the title is not a typo. I just refuse to give this being any honor whatsoever. But let’s begin by clearly stating two important things about him.

First, satan is a created being. Granted, he was originally assigned to a position of great power within the heirarchy of the angels, and when he fell, he took a lot of that power with him. Still, satan’s power is hugely dwarfed by the power of Yahweh God, the King of the Universe, who created the known universe, and also created satan along with the rest of the angels.

Second, satan is a liar. In fact, satan is the father of lies, of lying. When he rejected the King, satan rejected the truth. All satan has left are lies, and he uses them effectively as he seeks to destroy everything the King has accomplished, or seeks to accomplish.

After he was created, satan was originally placed in a position of great power, maybe the highest position available below the King Himself. This originally was not a problem; angels are simply tasked with helping, and the power an angel possesses is to be used for that reason.

At some point, satan deliberately chose to become guilty of independence of the King, and he rebelled. There are indications that satan’s pride over his own appearance and ability (both given to him by the King anyway) contributed to this event. But at that blink in time, satan fell, and was forever locked into rejection of the King. After falling, satan lost his position, and was doomed to future punishment for such a rejection. But satan clearly retained some measure of his power however, and is a formidable foe.

Some of the names attributed to satan are instructive, and offer clear indications how satan and his demon troops operate in carrying out their plans against the King, Yahweh God, and His people.

One name comes out to destroyer. As he opposes the King, he will set out to destroy everything associated with the King, and everything the King seeks to do. Of course, this would include the lives and time investments of the children of the King.

Another name comes out to slanderer, and a different name accuser of the bretheren is closely related. Both of these names show us how satan will lie about us before the King, either misplacing the truth about us, or else fabricating lies about us before Him. But where satan is the father of lies, the King is the God of all grace. That is very reassuring. Still, realize that we are dealing with a being, with many beings, who will do their utmost to make us stumble, and when we do, they will immediately go and whine to the King of the Universe over what we just did, all at his instigation anyway…

Another name used for satan is dragon, which suggests the tragedy of satan’s rejection of the King. Before his fall, indications are that satan was an amazingly beautiful creation. After his fall, nothing less than a hideous, foreboding, helter-skelter dragon best describes his physical presence.

Indications are also that satan and his followers (demons) still have access to the thone-room of the King of the Universe. You can almost hear satan’s sneer as he talks to the King of the Universe about Job, in the opening chapters of that book. And such access is necessary for satan as he accuses and lies about the children of the King before Him. This rebel-king has been doing this for centuries… Just a moment ago was no exception…

But this will not always be the case. At some point yet future, demons and their leader will be forcibly banished from the Angel Court, from heaven, to planet earth (where all heck breaks loose). Soon there-after, they will be cast into the lake of fire, the place of eternal judgement.

I had a hard time understanding this part until I was actually able to spend some time in the Angel Court. Unbelievably, satan and his demon hords still think they can win this battle, that they can defeat the King of the Universe. I am pretty sure that, as a part of being locked into their rebellion of the King, these rebels are also blinded to things like this, and will therefore fight until the very end. These demons and their leader doubt they can ever fail. How tragic, and almost comical. Especially after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, satan is a defeated foe… powerful, but defeated.

I try and stay away from satan when he is up here. Virulent, seething wickedness is not something I even want to be around. But he is still allowed here in the Angel Court, for now anyway. I wish I could say that he left me alone after that. He didn’t. He would often land right next to me, scare me to death, then loudly remind me of something I had done yesterday, or months, years ago. Then he would laugh in such a scornful way. Well, I always remembered what he was referring to. If I had not apologized to my Father, I did so on the spot. Then I just said softly “I apologized to my Father, and He forgave me because Jesus’ blood purchased that forgiveness.” Usually, by the time I was done saying this, he was already stomping off.

— ACR, c2017




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