Hi, I’m the Angel Court Recorder. Of course, I wasn’t up here very long before I realized… I only saw angels up here! Maybe that is why it is called the Angel Court.

Yahweh God Himself created angels before He created anything else. It is clear that they were already present when the known universe was created, and that they rejoiced together at God’s amazing accomplishment.

It is also clear, that the angels originally existed in some sort of heirarchy, occupying differing responsibilities and rank within the overall collection of angels. Even after the defection of a substantial number of bad angels, this still seems to be the case with the good angels.

Angels are not people, but generally look like them, and can assume an apparently physical, human form. This included the ability to procreate (I’m being gentle) in the past, but the angels guilty of this were judged swiftly, severely, and eternally.

Like people, angels will live forever. But angels differ from people in a few important ways.

First, each angel was the result of a specific creative act of Yahweh God, the King of the Universe. He made each angel. We don’t know how many He made, or how long it took. But He made each one. And it is probably safe to say that each angel knew Yahweh God made them.

Second, each angel was able to pursue living within the heirarchy, and fulfilling the responsibilities they were given. But at one specific point in time in each angel’s life, their allegiance to Yahweh God was tested. The result of that one test became permanent for them.

Those angels that chose to remain loyal to their Creator, from that point on, could joyfully do nothing else. Of course, the reverse was also true, and the sea of demons splashing in and out of planet earth arose in the same manner; they are created angels who rejected their allegiance to their King, their Creator. Demons can now do nothing else but oppose their Creator. Angels had only one chance to get it right, and the rest of their existance was determined by that one choice. It is highly likely that this fact was common knowledge among angels before even one fell.

The chilling picture from the Book of Revelation, of that old dragon satan throwing a third of the angels to the earth with his tail, this suggests that there are two loyal angels for every rebel angel. This is good. The depth of the relationship between each angel and their Creator, we are also never specifically told. There are indications, however. To the extent that demons ‘seeth’ at the King of the Universe who made them, we can also see that the loyal angels utterly adore Him, and delight in doing His bidding.

The King of the Universe created angels for one specific task — to minister, to help and assist people on planet earth, primarily His children. Of course, demons do the exact opposite, but assisting people is still the prime directive for those angels that remain loyal to their King.

The ruler of the rebel demons (satan) will be discussed in his own chapter. But the existance of a sea of rebel demons alongside a much larger group of loyal angels calls for an interesting observation.

Angels are fixed in their devotion to their King, and always work together to accomplish the purposes of the King. They work carefully with each other, according to what the King wants, and all their dealings reflect this common devotion.

The bonds of ‘loyalty’ among satan’s rag-tag band of demons is far less rigid. The only characteristic that demons share in common, is that they hate the King of the Universe. The allegiance of the rank and file demons to their ruler satan and his supposed ‘heirarchy’ is thus far more tenuous. Demons have good days and demons have bad days… This is not to underestimate these foes. They accomplish so very much, simply by lying. But this will be the subject of a different chapter.

Angels can be pretty powerful. At one point, a single angel killed 185,000 of the soldiers attacking Jerusalem. Most likely, this feat reflected the power of the King more than anything else. Loyal angels only and always carry out the will and desires of the King.

Note however, that even demons must get permission before they do their evil stuff.

This observation is very sobering. Living on planet earth as I do, looking around at the people walking this planet, I see a broad and smooth continuum between those (few) people deeply committed to the King, Yahweh God, and those ardently committed to the father of lies. Tolorance is pled for as every blended stripe demands acceptance.

But the spiritual landscape around me every second, and extending through the atmospheric heavens, all the way up to the Angel Court; the picture is far simpler, and boasts simply two beings… The majority are angels, loyal and devoted to the King of the Universe, Yahweh God Himself. The more active (loud) minority are demons, literally hell-bent on ravaging and destroying anything the King does. There is no continuum here, just the stark reality of two warring bands…

I remember reading once that Jesus said we are for Him or against Him. The smooth continuum I see around me everyday on planet earth is a farce then, straight from the liar of all liars… Harsh truth, I guess…

Well, for now, all of the angels have access to the Angel Court. Maybe that is why this place is so interesting to me. Tense, but interesting.

— ACR, c2017



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